Villages Of Cyprus – Souskiou Village

Information on the abandoned village of Souskiou

Souskiou Village                                                              Photo ©

Souskiou Village was a deserted mixed Greek and Turkish Cypriot village, located in the Diarizos Valley in the Paphos District of Cyprus. The village lies close to Pano Archimandrita, Nikoleia, Kouklia and Maronas villages.

Souskiou Village                                                              Photo ©

The village is said to have acquired it’s name from two legends. The first legend say’s Souskiou Village was part of the Kingdom of Paphos in the Middle Ages and was part of the ruling feudal area called Sussu. The second legend say’s that during the Ottoman Period, the rulers named the village Susuz, which means, without water. The village it seems was subject to frequent droughts.

Souskiou Village is situated in a perfect spot in the Diarizos Valley,  keeping it sheltered from severe bad weather and has a very green landscape, also in the winter.

Souskiou Village                                                          Photo ©

The village is very difficult to access, as the water from a nearby river has washed away the road that once existed. Access to the village may be made from the main road via a long dirt track which can be very difficult to navigate with an ordinary car after recent rainfall. In the event of recent bad weather, only a 4 wheel drive type vehicle should be used. Access may also be made from Kouklia Village, with the dirt track off the main road suitable for all types of vehicles, but visitors are advised to be careful after rainfall, with falling rocks having fallen on the path.

Souskiou Village                                                     Photo ©

Visitors will cross over a bridge to reach the village, which is clearly dated from 1944 and is still in good repair.

The village was abandoned in 1975 and has since remained deserted. There are no inhabitants in the village, with shepherds using the village to house and shelter cows, pigs and horses in the old converted houses.

Souskiou Village                                                              Photo ©

The village houses were built from mud, stone and wood, but are now in ruins. The houses, or what is left of them, are not fit for habituation as there are no roofs, doors or windows.

Souskiou Village                                                              Photo ©

The recently built Agia Marina Greek Orthodox Church, is the only church in the village.