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1. It breaches any part of the terms and conditions
2. Legal reasons
3. Commercial reasons


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Information Articles

Toxan Media Services invite articles for publishing on the website www.cyprusexpat.co.uk, or any other websites, owned, associated with or in collaboration with Toxan Media Services. Toxan Media Services will do it’s utmost best to establish that the authors of these articles, in whatever form, are qualified professional and responsible contributors. These articles are meant for information/guidance purposes only, and any decisions based on these articles, are made entirely at your own risk. Toxan Media Services accepts no liability on decisions based on these articles, and strongly advises you to seek professional advice to help you with any decisions you intend to make.

Articles contributed to Toxan Media Services for publication, are given with the automatic right to publish the said article, if it so wishes, on this website or any other website owned, or part owned, by Toxan Media Services. The right will be in the context of a non exclusive, royalty free, sub licence to the copyright owned by the contributor. The rights granted will be without interruption and in an indefinite agreement.The published article will always make a declaration, unless the copyright owner wishes us not to do so, as to who the owner of the copyright is.

The author of the contributed articles will guarantee to Toxan Media Services that the contributed articles are the original work of the contributor, the contributor has the right to grant the rights to use the articles as previously mentioned, the article is not racist, incites violence, is pornographic, promotes terrorism, is defamatory, encourages any illegal activity or infringes any law.

In the event of any breachment of the guarantee, the contributor indemnifies Toxan Media Services for any damages, legal costs or any other costs incurred as a result of the breachment. If you do not agree to any of the above terms, or for the granting of rights, then please do not submit any articles for publishing to Toxan Media Services. An article submitted for publication is deemen as a declaration on your part, that you agree to these terms.

Joint Promotions

Where we have entered into a joint promotion with a partner, and the user enters into a contract, then the user has a contract with that partner and not with Toxan Media Services. Toxan Media Services accepts no liability for any loss, financial or otherwise, damage or other damages resulting by the user entering into a contract with a partner using the website. The user, wether a person or an entity, enters into a contract with a partner, enirely at their own risk.


Toxan Media Services accepts no liability whatsoever from any actions relating to a user accessing the website, or any other website owned, or part owned, by Toxan Media Services to include any loss of profits, data, contractual obligations, damages, both direct and indirect.The accessing of the website, or any other website owned, or part owned, by Toxan Media Services is made entirely at your own risk.


All advertising must be pre paid before we allow any advertising to be placed on the website. Once we have received your full payment, including any applicable taxes, we will place your advertisement as per our agreement. The advertiser will be responsible for supplying any relevant advertising material. There will be an amendment fee payable if the advertiser wishes to change the advertisement. All advertisement payments are non refundable.