About Us

Many people have a dream to move to Cyprus as they love the people, sunshine, nature, mountains, villages, beaches, food and many more things.

Trying to find information about Cyprus was very difficult, especially in one place. People had to search many Cyprus government websites. These were not updated frequently and much of the information was outdated. The other alternative was to visit quite a few busy Cyprus government offices, which was very time consuming, and these were not open all day.

In 2009 we decided to build a website where we could place as much information on moving to and living in Cyprus as possible. The information and news on our website is published in English, as this will help many people from many different countries.

We have built a very large following and we have helped many of our users find the information they were seeking. Over the years, the Cyprus government websites have greatly improved and now they provide lot’s of useful information on Cyprus, in English too, which is very helpful.

We now feel that our original project has been completed and we are slowly transferring our information articles from our Useful Cyprus Information feature, to our Cyprus News feature.

In 2017, we began a new project. This is in response to the many requests we have received from our users over the years.

There are many people, who have relocated to Cyprus and have settled in their new home, made new friends etc, but have a wish to explore more of the cultural and traditional life to be found in Cyprus, especially the villages. There is a general lack of information of first hand experience of the Cyprus villages that are off the beaten track and not so well known, or promoted.

We decided to help these people, and we have now embarked on our new project, providing information and photos of the Cyprus villages. We are in the process of travelling around the Cyprus villages to provide first hand experience of the villages. To date, we have now visited well over a hundred Cyprus villages.

We are publishing Villages Of Cyprus articles in our Useful Cyprus Information feature and we have created a comprehensive guide to the village articles in our Cyprus Village Index here

We are also adding many images of Cyprus villages on our website, and these may be found in our Useful Cyprus Information feature.

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The success of our new project has enabled us to become one of the largest providers of images of Cyprus villages to the media in Cyprus and across the world.