Information on Simou Village

Simou Village is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus.

Simou Village                                                                        Photo ©

The over 1000 year old Pitstacia Atlantica (Atlantic Mastic Tree) is situated in the Simou Village Square, and along with the village church, dominates the square.

Simou Village Community Council Offices                            Photo ©

The village has a population of 200 residents, with around 20% of the residents originating from overseas.

Simou Village                                       Photo ©

Simou Village                                      Photo ©

The village lies close to Drymou, Lasa, Phyti, Sarama and Milia villages.

Simou Village                                       Photo ©

Panagia Chryseleousas in Simou Village                                Photo ©

The main church of Simou Village is the Panagia Chryseleousas Church. The church was built in 1949 and dominates the village square and the village skyline.