Information on Paramali Village

Agios Dimitris Church In Paramali Village                       Photo ©

The new Paramali Village is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus, a couple of kilometres south of the original village, which was inhabited by Turkish Cypriots, but is now abandoned. We have more information on the original Paramali Village on our website.

The new Paramali Village was earlier named as Paramali Station, a reference to the area covered by the Paramali Community Council, which includes areas in the Republic of Cyprus and the British Overseas Territory Bases of Dhekelia and Akrotori.

The village lies close to Prastio Avdimou, Pissouri, Anogyra, Alektora, Agios Thomas and Avdimou villages. Paramali Beach, which lies just south of the village, is a long secluded protected beach as it is one of the major turtle nesting areas in Cyprus, therefore no development is allowed on the beach. When the eggs are laid in the sand, the nests are clearly marked so as not to be disturbed.

Paramali Village was mainly a Turkish Cypriot village, but is now inhabited by displaced Greek Cypriots, who came from the Karpasia and Amochostos area of north Cyprus. The village also has many British families who are mainly employed in the nearby bases.

The village acquired it’s name, according to legend, from the two words Para and Mali. Para in Greek means before and Mali means property or an estate. The village location was just before a large estate and over the years, the village became known as Paramali Village.

Paramali Village is built at a height of 50 metres above sea level, which enabled the village to prosper as an agricultural farming village as well having large herds of goats. The village cultivated vineyards as the main crop, with the grapes processed into wine and Zivania, with the surplus sold in nearby markets.

The village also cultivated wheat for processing into flour, as well as crops suitable as feed for their animals. Paramali Village has a long connection with Koilani Village, a village located further up in the Troodos Mountains. The inhabitants of Koilani Village owned small parcels of land in Paramali Village in order to grow crops as feed for their animals. When the grapes were harvested in Koilani Village and processed into wine etc, the villagers travelled to Paramali Village for long periods in order to tend to their crops and they also built second homes on the land to use as accommodation during their visits. The feed they produced did not cover their needs, so they bought extra feed locally, which also helped Paramali Village to prosper.

The Agios Dimitris Church is the main church of the village and was built in 2012. The original church of the village was a very small church dedicated to Agios Georgios built on the beach. The Zoodochos Pigi Church lies on the outskirts of the village.The Paramali Village Mosque is located next to the church. The Paramali Village Community Council office is also located next to the church.

Paramali Village Mosque                                       Photo ©

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Paramali Village                                                        Photo ©

Paramali Village                                                        Photo ©

Paramali Village                                                        Photo ©