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Information on Treis Elies Village

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Treis Elies village, which means ‘Three Olive Trees’, is a very small village built 800 metres above sea level in the Troodos Mountains. The village lies in the Limassol District of Cyprus and the three closest villages are Agios Dimitrios, Lemithou and Kaminaria.

Treis Elies Village                               Photo ©

This old traditional Cyprus village has a long history dating back to the Frankish period, and has seen many changes during the periods of occupation, the Frankish period, the Turkish rulers and lastly, the British rule. There are still churches in Treis Elies which date back to these periods.

Treis Elies Village acquired it’s name from the three olive trees that once grew in the centre of the village. The village was a favourite staging post for travellers and tradesmen using the route between Nicosia and Morphou. The olive trees provided shade and the regular water supply in the village helped refresh them. Travel in those days was completed by using donkeys as a means of transport for long journeys, in order to carry goods and supplies. Over time, the village was known as Treis Elies, which in Greek means three olive trees.

Treis Elies Village                               Photo ©

The village is famous for a succession of archbishops being born there, with the most famous being Archbishop Chrysanthos, who was Archbishop of Cyprus under the Turkish ruling period.

The population of Treis Elies has fluctuated over the years with many of the residents fleeing the village during Turkish rule only to see an increase under British rule. The population of the village is now around 30 people.

Treis Elies Village                               Photo ©

Treis Elies is a village where you may still see many of the old traditional houses, some of which are still abandoned, and many of which are being restored to their old original styles, using the local Troodos Mountains grey stone.

There is a welcome trend to restoring the old village houses and this will encourage more people to live in the village. Weekend houses are also popular in the village, which are used to escape the summer heat in the lower regions.

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Visitors may easily walk around the village in a short time, taking in the village atmosphere, admiring the beauty of the village and feeling how village life used to be in earlier times.

The other attractions of the village are the Venetian Bridges nearby, which are reached by a dirt track road and is advisable to use a 4 wheel drive vehicle. There is also a sulphur spring nearby, which was very popular under the British rule and nature trails.

Treis Elies Village                                                    Photo ©

The village produces zivania, wine, soutzoukos, palouze, preserved sweets and the seasonal fruits are apples, grapes, pears and cherries.

Treis Elies is a village that is a must to visit if you would like to take a step back in Cyprus history and enjoy the clean fresh mountain air, scenery, nature and experience a little of the local Cyprus traditional village life, customs and hospitality.