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Villages Of Cyprus

We travel to many parts of Cyprus and we have taken many images of the traditional Cyprus villages. We now have one of the largest Cyprus village image databases. To compliment this, we have introduced a new feature to our website, Villages Of Cyprus, where we publish articles on Cyprus villages. You may view our Villages Of Cyprus articles in our Useful Cyprus Information feature here

Evrychou Village Photos

Photos of Evrychou Village, which is located in the Nicosia District of Cyprus

Evrychou Village                                                                      Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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Arminou Village Photos

Arminou Village                                                                    Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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Vavla Village Photos                                       

 Photos of Vavla Village, which is located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus

Vavla Village                                                              Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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Episkopi Village                                        

Episkopi Village in Paphos                                     Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

Episkopi village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, is not to be confused with the Episkopi Village in the Limassol District, which is near the British Forces Cyprus Base. The English spelling is the same, but the similarity ends there.

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