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Villages Of Cyprus

We travel to many parts of Cyprus and we have taken many images of the traditional Cyprus villages. We now have one of the largest Cyprus village image databases. To compliment this, we have introduced a new feature to our website, Villages Of Cyprus, where we publish articles on Cyprus villages. You may view our Villages Of Cyprus articles in our Useful Cyprus Information feature here

Paphos Carnival Photos

Photos of the Paphos Carnival

Paphos Carnival                                            Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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Dierona Village Mandarin Festival Photos

Photos of the Dierona Village Mandarin Festival

Dierona Village Mandarin Festival                                       Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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Arakapas Village Pond No 1                                      

Information on the Arakapas Village Pond No1, which is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus

Arakapas Village Pond No1                                                 Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

The Arakapas Village Pond No1 was constructed under the authority of the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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Steni Museum Of Village Life Photos                             

Photos of the Steni Museum Of Village Life, which is located in the Paphos District of Cyprus

Steni Museum Of Village Life                                            Photo © CyprusExpat.co.uk

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